Can I. Koç:
I. Can Koc, the founder of Kino Istanbul which is a cultural events organization, has a master degree in sociology of arts. He has had a career in PR and communication business for more than a decade. He is also the coordinator of International Istanbul Silent Cinema Days, which is the first silent film festival in Turkey, supported by Cultural Ministry of Turkey and collaborated with Cineteca di Bologna and Eye Filmmuseum.
Çiğdem Özcan:
She finished İstanbul Haydarpaşa High school. After graduating from the Communications Faculty of Marmara University, she got her MA in Marketing Communications from Galatasaray University. She worked as a journalist and editor in various media channels and in the field of corporate communications private companies and then in 2008 she established the Dünya İşleri Communication Agency. Dünya İşleri Team, which started by managing the press relations of the sector, is now positioned as a digital agency that can communicate 360 degrees including video production, design services, social media management, project development including 3D animations.
'Fear & Fantasy Festival', the first festival to gather all the
artistic work of horror and fantastic genres under one roof,
took place on 10-13 May in Istanbul.
FFF aimed to bring together a certain understanding of
aesthetics, world views and expression forms of different
disciplines such as cinema, music, performance, performing arts.
Film screenings in the festival took place in Kadikoy  movie theatre
in partnership with Baska Cinema. The Turkish premier of the movie
which is accredited from the famous novel of Spanish author
Albert Sánchez Piñol and also called “Cold Skin”
took place in our festival.
The audience asked questions to the Director Gens
who was expected to attend the show after the screening.
The screening took place with the support of Oflaz Media Group.
Another film in the program was a classic and bloody example of the
genre 'giallo', which has an important place in the Italian cinema
especially in the 1970's and has many elements such as fear,
brutality, psychological tension, gothic aesthetics;
"The Red Queen Kills Seven Times ".
The last movie was a production from Turkey.
A domestic 'slasher', 'Kusatma', written by Necati Er, shot in 1986,
directed by Yilmaz Duru and has Umut Ulaş as the starring child actor.